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Aveda Texture Tonic versus Daimon Barber Texture
Tonic. That is Label Struggle. Hiya guys, how are you? I’m Robin. Welcome support to my YouTube channel and welcome
support to Label Struggle; the series that effect two competing products head-to-head in the
last showdown. That actually gorgeous savor comes off my tongue
gorgeous now. Anyway, this one’s all about pre-stylers. Now we hold two products that hold exactly the
same name, texture tonic. So if truth be told, they are savor minded. Now, as you guys know, we hold a series of
facets gorgeous here and the facets vary reckoning on how vital of a weight we effect on that class. There are 20 facets up for grabs. Let’s quit this. Now, the main product we hold is Aveda. Now, you realize that I completely cherish Aveda
products. They are mountainous on ingredients as we’re going
to tag and additionally in phrases of efficiency, I rep they quit if truth be told effectively. Now, this one says, “it’s to define and
abet pure texture and make piecey definition that looks simply undone”. Then we hold the Daimon Barber product which
is a British impress and all over again, they hold the Texture Tonic, released actually spherical about
the identical time as this one. And this one says, “our texture tonic is
a sea mineral and plant protein spray which no longer entirely offers the management texture of a sea
salt spray nevertheless provides volume to the hair by thickening each strand from root to tip”. And that’s exactly what we’re searching at in
this Label Struggle. We need hundreds of texture from these products;
we need volume. We need so as to utilize them as stand-alone
so you would possibly per chance perchance be in a position to utilize them with out any styling product and we additionally wish to tag how they work as a
pre-styler sooner than a styling product. Now, straight into ingredients, Daimon Barber
speak this product is free from parabens and wrong chemicals and all our ingredients are
sourced from the UK. You will be in a position to tag this in the inexperienced here. It is water primarily based, nevertheless then you definately quit hold alcohol,
magnesium sulfate, polysorbate, hundreds of other things. It’s actually if truth be told exhausting if you effect something
up against Aveda because they are identified for they’re ingredients. And here is free from parabens, mineral, petrolatum,
formaldehyde, animal ingredients, and artificial fragrance. They in most cases actually speak that Ninety four% of the stuff
in here is clearly derived. So, guys, it’s an effortless one. The facets creep to Aveda. Now, into packaging; they are create of identical,
spray bottles. I don’t mind them at all. Aveda has create of long past support to its variety of
roots here. It’s quite Ninety’s with this variety of squiggle
which I don’t if truth be told rep versus the Daimon Barber one which I if truth be told cherish them as a impress. I rep it’s a terribly valid impress. It looks gargantuan. It actually looks quite top fee. So for me, the level goes to Daimon Barber. Now, into scent. The Daimon Barber product smells insanely
unbiased right. This actually is trustworthy. They utilize their signature scent which is Oudh
and Egyptian Mallow. It’s almost savor…Must you would possibly per chance perchance be in a position to imagine a Tom
Ford fragrance, the non-public mix ones, the ones that gorgeous scent so luxurious. That is this in unbiased a small bottle and if you’re
spraying it that’s heightened. That is the Aveda one which smells if truth be told
botanical and new. It has ginger in it, ylang ylang and clary
chronicle. I if truth be told quit savor this nevertheless this one indubitably
gets the level for this. Now, into ease of utility, they are both
spritzing bottles they in most cases’re applied if truth be told very with out downside. I would speak actually, even supposing that the mist
on the Daimon Barber is de facto more uncomplicated to relate the hair. Must you would possibly per chance perchance hold gotten longer hair then the Aveda one’s
potentially better, nevertheless I snatch the ease of utility of Daimon Barber. Now, for styling guys, I hold ancient these as
a pre-styler. I’ve performed it as a pre-styler then I’ve tried
it as a styling product, nevertheless we if truth be told wish to tag how easy here is to work. The Daimon Barber product is terribly easy to
utilize. It’s if truth be told responsive; work that volume through
with your arms or with a brush and it dries if truth be told in a handy book a rough time versus the Aveda one,
which all over again, is gargantuan responsive and besides you would possibly per chance perchance be in a position to if truth be told birth to if truth be told feel the amount being constructed
in. I would speak that the Aveda one, you would possibly per chance perchance be in a position to if truth be told
if truth be told feel the product more. There’s more a texture to it and it gorgeous feels
reasonably more responsive in the styling. So the facets creep to Aveda. Now, function gets a gigantic 5 facets in
this one because it’s a long way the perfect. We need hair that has hundreds of texture; this
is what they’re supposed to full. Now, the Daimon Barber one does give if truth be told,
if truth be told unbiased right texture. The hair looks tidy, it looks matte, it looks
texturised versus the Aveda one which all over again, offers this immense volume, hundreds of texture and
actually when touching my hair, it feels savor it has a itsy-bitsy grittiness to it. And no longer in an expansion of dirty system, nevertheless in a texture
system. So, for me, gorgeous because it offers the perfect
volume, essentially the most easy texture, the level for function goes to Aveda. So that it modified into in phrases of a pre-styler and
if you gorgeous wish to abet your hair down, then that would possibly per chance perchance per chance be you there. However if you would snatch to head on and utilize these as
a pre-styler, so hair that has texture then creep on and utilize a pomade or a clay, then this
is what I’ve performed here and I’ve ancient exactly the identical clay product into the arms, labored
through, gorgeous to create of tag how these respond. Moreover, in the cases I’ve been the utilize of these I
hold ancient them with hundreds of heaps of products they in most cases quit work in a truly identical system, nevertheless
because it has a greater function it actually works better as a pre-styler. So, the facets creep to Aveda. Now, I hold removed washability from this
because they both plug out, no effort. And additionally guys, I if truth be told quit utilize these as pre-stylers. So I’ve skipped that and I switch straight on
to designate and worth. The Daimon Barber product is a a hundred ml versus
the Aveda product which is a hundred twenty 5 ml. Now, I chanced on this product for £19.Ninety five, which
works out at roughly 20 pence per a hundred ml versus the Aveda one which retails for approximately £22
or $25, which works out at roughly 18 pence per a hundred ml. I have to peaceful additionally speak guys, that the Aveda one,
gorgeous because it’s a long way a immense company, is more readily accessible and besides you guys across the
globe will be in a position to search out this vital more with out downside. So, per that and additionally the worth, the
level goes to Aveda. So there we hold it; our verdict. With four facets we hold Daimon Barber versus
Sixteen facets for Aveda. This one, even supposing it looks savor the facets
are savor skewed, it’s so exhausting when anything else goes against Aveda. The ingredients are trustworthy, the efficiency
is 2d to none, nevertheless Daimon Barber is a terribly gargantuan impress and I savor what they’re
doing. A bunch of their skincare is de facto if truth be told,
if truth be told valid. That is trustworthy and I additionally cherish their Clay
Pomade. And I would additionally speak if you’re anyone that
desires texture, nevertheless no longer too vital texture or volume, then you definately will cherish this and additionally,
it smells so gargantuan. However here is a fave; I completely cherish it and
I rep it’s effectively deserved to be a success this one. However there you creep, guys. I if truth be told hope you’ve enjoyed this one. Next week will be unbiased a small of an expansion of a spherical
of Label Struggle, what we’ve seen in season three and create of a dwell up for what we
can quit in the following season, at any time when which can be. However thanks very vital for watching. Must you’re new to my channel and besides you’ve no longer
yet pressed subscribe then please quit press subscribe. By the system, anyone repeatedly says I level in
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