Barbers: Case Study on Overextending-Men’s Hairstyling Technique

And he has this section over right here after I reduce
the tip. I overextended it and pulled it within the reverse
direction. So that you’re overextending and getting into this
direction, which is that this plane right here. You overextend it and invent your guiding precept
and also you nick right here, after which you procedure your entire hair up to this level. So then when it folds reduction, you proceed to have
maintained the fullness, but at the equivalent time, you’ve blended it in since you saved overextending. So, in other words, you bought the longest level
manner reduction right here. In the entrance up right here, that’s the longest level. And then because it comes reduction, then it folds in. In the event you preferrred pull it up love this, then when
you lay the hair down, you’re going to witness there shall be traces right here. But whenever you happen to capture that hair and hunch over…eye,
there’s your line, there’s your guiding precept manner over right here. On myth of we know this section is going to come reduction
around love this. You love to have this to be the longest, so you pull
it out manner over right here after which you nick right here. And then every little thing is drawn to that. You then disappear up to this plane. Learn about the keep this plane is correct right here? So as that’s to this point as you hunch. It’s likely you’ll well’t bring it the entire manner over to this
plane, so you preferrred fold it to that plane and every little thing is drawn to that one plane. It’s there. No further than that. You then come around and this would possibly well well all mix
in. In chopping this form of reduce, the use of this reduce,
you’re on the entire doing it in ends, what we call the sphereometrics of it. And then you positively hunch into, whenever you happen to’re doing it longer,
it’s referred to as the volumetrics. And then you positively attain the combos and know
how to attain the sphereometrics and the volumetrics of it. So how to mix it all in. Okay, so whenever you happen to mix it in right here, right here, and
longer right here, it’s going to invent a sphere. So then you positively’ve got to procure the sphere and capture
the sphere out in snort to invent this waft and have it to come reduction reduction love this. So whenever you happen to can visualize that with the longer
hair. And quite diverse guys have a onerous time visualizing
that with the lengthy hair because they’ve never worked with that lengthy hair and they don’t
observe the physics of how the hair must…whenever you pull it in one other direction after which
how to bring it reduction. They’re preferrred having a eye at it from one peep.

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