BEST BARBER IN THE WORLD 2018 | Amazing Hairstyle and Experience | BluMaan 2018

This video is now no longer an commercial or a
sponsorship I simply wanted to supply you guys a little bit of taste of what it’s must
obtain a haircut by about a of the most talented on this planet this is the Daniel
Alfonzo men’s salon my title is Daniel Alfonso I’ve been cutting hair for 21
years and salvage me looking out to dwell the American dream effectively oh my god I mean it’s a lengthy myth
I became it started off in my storage a in point of fact lengthy time ago one amongst
my mates asked me are you able to sever my hair and I became love I I’ll turn out
cutting your hair and I stopped up cutting it and I became love this is roughly
suitable man I obtain to sever my mates hair and they obtain to pay me I honest correct fell into
the ardour effectively I mean support then I roughly love
trained myself I honest correct ended up vivid what looks accurate however on the same time you
know after cutting hair for relatively a while with out coaching I stopped up
looking out to steal it severe and went to faculty for it what would I love about
cutting men’s hair is I love making folks see accurate
what I mean and it honest correct feels accurate to me to relief folks see accurate it’s a accurate
feeling I place ardour into every haircut you
know what I mean I bet that whoever does no matter job potentialities are you’ll perhaps accumulated attain it at a
hundred % every time I attain a haircut I place my all into it because my alternate
card is to your head while you’re walking around it’s my responsibility for you to acquire that
compliment and folks bound as a lot as you and suppose Joe I love your hair who sever it you
know a compliment to you is a compliment to me you’re my walking billboard you
know I mean there became tons of enjoyment into the
salon and tons of ardour infrequently I plod into the salon and I’m love wow
love I grasp this salon it’s it’s honest correct I’m honest correct thankful for it and I
respect it and all people in the salon love loves this save of living since the vitality
and stuff love that there are personalities that they honest correct love doing
what they attain they’ll be found here with a obvious perspective and the article is it’s
love we’re so easy to work with because we honest correct love doing what we attain
and we honest correct deal with it a obvious atmosphere and all people everyone’s honest correct
contented and we honest correct all love doing what we doing we obtain along love peas
and carrots these chairs are literally 200 years broken-down
and to acquire these chairs there’s this man he’s love a barber chair
mechanic and when I first saw this chair horny here that steward years broken-down I went
as a lot as him his title is Jesse and I went as a lot as him I became love can I obtain 5 of
these and he’s love aha man there’s there’s the boy that you just might additionally obtain 5 of
these chairs that’s love asking to acquire 5 broken-down-college Mustangs II
honest correct can’t everyone every person of them doesn’t be varied honest correct the entirety had
to be precise what I mean it became dead nights of Pinterest
honest correct going happening Pinterest and honest correct looking out to salvage inspiration I’ve
constantly wanted to bound in opposition to the grain with every salon what I mean
love folks constantly acknowledged salons would perhaps perhaps accumulated constantly be gleaming and
I became love oh my gosh I deserve to thrill in a corridor plaque salon so we hadn’t
place honest correct tons of lighting fixtures the article is it’s love it’s darkish in here nonetheless it’s
accumulated gleaming you don’t even so I honest correct must bound in opposition to the grains
place you from years and chains on it I place a TV and
on the side of a bar since it’s all relating to the final abilities we purchased this American buffalo head
certainly that American buffalo head became the very first thing that we sold sooner than we
see at this salon it became odd because we sold that American Buffalo head and
I place that in my Jeep and I’m love literally utilizing with these horns out
there’s love wind blowing and his beards love blowing in the
wind and stuff however that became love shapely grand the pinnacle of opening up this
lengthy effectively I mean it became surely a team
effort we purchased a I couldn’t attain it with out
Christina Williams over here my lady friend and that I couldn’t
attain with out her and the article is is we each made this happen collectively
or the ingenious she’s more of the numbers what’s up dude the methodology you been man
no precise timing dude yeah honest correct scheme yourself at residence man all horny it’s
would perhaps perhaps we gaze him in the background

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