How to Curl Short hair // Curly Hair Youtube Tutorial

Hello each person it’s April again it’s day three of looking out for to fashion my hair rather a lot of for 5 days and I turned into debating between curling it with this teeny miniature curling iron and making a crazy afro nonetheless then I started to think that that would possibly procure me […]

HOW TO CUT A Boy’s Mohawk / Fohawk Hair CUT Tutorial Fauxhawk

Howdy my name is April and that i’m going to camouflage you straightforward be taught how to carve a fohawk on boys hair we’re going to birth with a nil clipper blade so it’ll simply be whatever your clippers are without the guard on it and steal it up into cherish a terribly short mohawk […]

HOW TO CUT Mens Medium / Long Hair with Scissors // Hair Tutorial

Hi there each person it’s April with Hair one zero one. I’m going to repeat you simple how one can attain a prolonged haired males’s haircut neatly it’s going to be brief hair calm. however for a guys haircut it’s going to be prolonged. im no longer going to exercise the clippers. it’s correct going […]

How to Cut a boys Pompadour or Quiff Haircut // Hair 101 youtube Tutorial

Hi all and sundry it’s April with Hair 101 and I the truth is private this awesome child at the present time he’s letting me attain whatever I desire on his hair We are going to achieve a fun pompadour haircut on this sparkling child i’m going to expose you easy systems to achieve that […]


Hi everyone it’s April with Hair 101 and we are going to realize one thing unusual and varied at the present time we’re going to buy a explore at the leopard print i’ve under no circumstances done this sooner than so with rather of luck it of course works out i’m lawful doing it how […]

The Best Hair Cut Tutorial | Hair And Beard Transformation | Modern men’s HairStyle

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How to Cut Long Mens Hair // Long Men’s Haircut // haircuts tutorials

Hi every person it’s April with Hair one hundred and one We will support out a prolonged mens haircut I’ve already washed and combed out his hair and that i’m going to originate within the support I’m going to slit a straight line with level slicing you may perhaps perhaps space a manual for the […]

Beckham Spiked short haircut for men by Emma,貝克漢世足男球星刺蝟頭髮型 Vern Hairstyles 05

很高興跟各位分享全新概念的剪法技巧 使用簡單的二分區概念 我想在他原本這個地方做一點點的修剪 讓他這個地方不會這麼厚重 我保留局部長度 因為對模特兒來講也需要局部份長度的修飾 許多客人髮量多又雜的問題 模特兒的頭髮非常多又紮實毛量多 後腦杓又呈現扁平狀 我想讓他看起來陽光的感覺 呈現下半部清爽上半部立起來有尖束感 二分區的髮型非常受歡迎 且在全世界廣泛流行 我要用的工具是比較不一樣的工具 一把是4Ed造型刀 一把是4E裁剪刀 我裝了韋恩晶鑽間隔方塊並將兩支結合 讓兩支剪刀的間隔拉開 這樣的組合既可以調量又可以裁剪可以這樣使用看看 模特兒本身瀏海就不長 我想要做一個比較短的裁切 我先在他前半區的部分做個斜髮片的處理 我想要創造前面長後面短的效果 再延伸後半區的部分 晶鑽間距組合使用上和一般操作都一樣 不需要額外去學其它的動作或是一些特別角度與站姿 因為剪刀已經把間距拿捏好 你只要輕鬆的開闔就好 所以最早學習使用剪刀時 你必須把基本功能搞清楚 以後再拿任何的工具就很簡單 這樣的工具其實可以把模特兒的頭髮剪出束感 剪完之後 原本厚重的量感,呈現更完美的空間感和外輪廓性 基本上你不需花過多時間去調整它去雕塑他 除了調剪以外 可以直接做橫剪動作在二分之一個地方 不會太多也不會太少 因為他的頭髮髮量夠多也比較粗硬 所以我處理這個地方的時候 可以呈現他的空間感與尖束感 這兩支刀可以做這樣的效果呈現 大致上 我把它的長度與量感控制在一定的長度了

How to Give a Mohawk Hairstyle : How to Style a Pompadour Haircut

Hiya my identify is Natalie with Floyd’s Barber Store and on behalf of Expert Village I’m going to narrate you a gape of the punk rock hairstyles. The pompadour which is more of a greaser gape is excessive on top and short on the sides. You would form this by utilizing a slick wax, no […]