Joseph Gordon-Levitt hair – JGL Gala hairstyle – Men hair inspiration

Hello guys! I’m Rasmus and I’m here with Mikkel and Katerina. Hello guys! On the present time we’re making a original coiffure, and I if truth be told have taken my inspiration as of late from the well-known actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. So protect tuned! – Warmth security – Warmth security – Texture, utilize and quantity […]

Pacinos Matte Paste vs. O’Douds Matte Paste | Brand Battle

Pacinos Matte Paste versus O’Douds Matte Paste. This is Tag Battle. Hello guys, how are you? I’m Robin. Welcome support to Tag Battle; the sequence that locations two competing merchandise head to head within the suited showdown. Now, this one basically has come as an speedy results of feedback from you guys. You had been […]

10 Tips for the Perfect Hair

hello guys thank you very unparalleled for tuning in on Slikhaar TV my establish is Emil this day I could be speaking about systems to elevate your hair on the total you may per chance well most certainly most certainly also mute repair your hair every fourth week and that you may per chance well […]

Andy Dalton hairstyle – Sporty NFL short hair – Men’s hair inspiration

Hi there guys! I’m Rasmus, and likewise you’re looking out at Slikhaar TV. I’m right here with Peter and André. This present day’s hairstyle is electrified by the NFL participant, Andy Dalton from Bengals! So preserve tuned! – Strong preserve, fullness and texture – Strong preserve, fullness and texture – Matte and gritty create – […]

Maintain Growing Hair – How to cut your hair while growing it longer – Men’s Hair

Hi there guys, I’m Rasmus and likewise you’re gazing Slikhaar TV. This day we’re going to expose you systems to retain your hair within the strategy of increasing it out. Are you ready, Ibrahim? Let’s discontinuance it. – Cooling sensation, – Mild menthol – Touchable retain, – Natural shine – Light retain, – Rapid-witted discontinuance

9 different hairstyles in 1 haircut – Men’s hairstyling inspiration

Hello guys! Thanks for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. My title is Emil, and within the subsequent 7 minutes you’re about to peer 9 immense-awesome hairstyles, so handle tuned, guys!

3 New hairstyles with Pomade ★ Men’s hair inspiration and tips

Hi guys! Thank you for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. In an instant time we’ve Ulises… …. and Hamoud. And at the present time’s episode will be about one haircut and… … three styles, guys! So defend tuned. – I heard you’re a immense fan of Slikhaar TV. – Yeah, I’ve been a huge fan, […]

Hairstyling with Emil using Limited – Mens hair tutorial ★ medium undercut

It’s orderly huge to check you guys all all over again! This day I’ll convey you fairly of yarn. Seven years within the past, Rasmus and I started the YouTube channel and we had the vision to inspire folks to be the fantastic version of themselves. And we now occupy got put a huge selection […]

Ashton Kutcher Hairstyle – Men’s hair fashion 2017 – Middle Parting – Two and a Half Men

Good day guys! I’m Rasmus, and besides you’re watching Slikhaar TV. I’m here with Jeppe and Katerina. What are we up for? This day we’re going to carry out a brand recent coiffure for Jeppe. And I indubitably maintain taken my inspiration from Ashton Kutcher. – Touchable take care of, – Pure shine – Gentle […]