Brad Pitt Hairstyle – Inglourious Basterds Lt. Aldo Raine – Men’s Hair

Howdy guys! Thank you for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. I’m Emil, and lately I’m right here with Katerina and Joachim. Buongiorno (edifying day)! Katerina, what are we up for lately? Howdy guys! On the unique time I basically maintain taken my inspiration from the Brad Pitt hairstyle – – in the famend Tarantino film, […]

Hairstyles for men – Hair inspiration in 4K quality

Howdy guys! I’m Rasmus, and I’m right here with Thomas and Katerina. So now we’re going to originate winter particular. Are you ready for it? I’m so ready. Let’s procure started!

How to create Fade pompadour style and Messy Quiff haircut

Hi there guys! Thank you for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. At the sleek time I’m here on the stage with Ulises and Jacob! So lately, guys, we’re gonna catch one haircut and two completely different hairstyles. And I heard Ulises speaking about making a pompadour… Yeah! … So, end tuned.

Najmodniejsza fryzura 2018? | Taco Hemingway – nowa płyta | Messy Quiff

Cześć wszystkim, zapraszam operate obejrzenia mojego najnowszego odcinka, gdzie porozmawiamy sobie o prawdopodobnie najseksowniejszej i najmodniejszej męskiej stylizacji 2018 roku, tutaj na tej polskiej ziemi! Zapraszam operate obejrzenia odcinka! Cześć wszystkim, z tej strony Tomasz, witam na moim kanale, poświęconym męskiej pielęgnacji i męskiej elegancji. Dzisiaj jest piękna pogoda, zatem filmik w pięknych okolicznościach przyrody, […]

Midnight hairstyling – Men’s Hair Winter – Black Fiber wax

– Touchable capture, – Pure shine – Sturdy capture, – Smooth pause


At the same time as you prefer it the laborious formula then employ Charlemagne concrete clay. It works easiest whereas you discover to dry hair. Coming into into without inform will fabricate a hover and gentle texture and work with any more or much less hair. In expose to gain an even bigger volume lawful […]

How I Cut My Own Hair | Undercut | Short Sides Long Top |

Hiya! Que tal, amigos? Yo soy S.M. y hoy les voy a enseñar cómo me corto el cabello. Yeah, eso es básicamente todo… Aquí vamos… Disfruten! #1 Completamente cerrado. #2 Completamente cerrado. #1 Abierto a la mitad. Desvanece la linea infamous. #1.5 Completamente cerrado. Desvanece del #1 al #2. Ese es todo amigos. Así es […]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt hair – JGL Gala hairstyle – Men hair inspiration

Hello guys! I’m Rasmus and I’m here with Mikkel and Katerina. Hello guys! On the present time we’re making a original coiffure, and I if truth be told have taken my inspiration as of late from the well-known actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. So protect tuned! – Warmth security – Warmth security – Texture, utilize and quantity […]