How to create a 1960s beehive

Okay extensive now we own done the rotund body blow dry we’re going to develop a huge limited sixty’s gaze on Laurens hair. We will puff up the abet here after which pull the entire sides in So first of all we own to web the front of the hair out of the draw, so […]

Retro Men’s Haircuts Collection

Welcome to the Retro Males’s Haircuts Sequence from MHDPro. This collection teaches you study the intention to assign former men’s retro haircuts with a in style twist. The 5 lessons inspired by Elvis, polished heritage, the ton up boys and traditional military looks will help you build and mix your former barbering tactics to assign […]

1940’s / 50’s Pinup Hair and Makeup

– [Kayley] Hello everybody, Kayley here with this Forties reduce ’50s pin-up rockabilly hair and makeup tutorial. I’ve gotten so many requests for this over time so let’s hotfoot ahead and glean started with the makeup. First of all, we’re going to initiate out with highlighter on legend of highlight and very dewy glowy taking […]

Rockabilly Quiff Hairstyle | My Hairstyles | Ruben Ramos

It’s hard to find a male on the planet at the moment who doesn’t care about their hair, thus 100s videos on YouTube focus on men’s haircare. A benefit of having long hair compared to short or medium is you can have some brilliant flowing hairstyles. We would class ourselves as experts in hair care, […]