HOW TO CUT BOYS HAIR // Trendy boys haircut tutorial

Intro Hey It’s April with Hair one zero one. Nowadays We’re going to compose a haircut on Tayden He’s my lovable diminutive neighbor. It’s known as the slick rick, correct?? correct? Is that what it’s known as? And he’s gonna get it for his support to highschool. so fundamentally what it is. It’s undoubtedly brief […]

My 5 Minute Ponytail Routine

– Hey all people! Kayley here with my 5 minute ponytail routine. I’m gonna display you guys your whole methods that I utilize to kind my ponytail detect unbelievable in precisely 5 minutes. And you might perhaps utilize all of those methods or correct these sorts of methods reckoning on what you take care of […]


Hiya it’s Shaunell and Aislyn and I are going to demo for you easy the model to attain a straightforward pulled Dutch braid. Here is an updated model of a Dutch braid video we’ve performed within the past and we’re angry to whisper you easy the model to attain it. To be succesful to initiate, […]

Quick hair fashion battle – E. Vilain vs. R. Vilain – How to style short & medium long hair

You’ve perchance guessed: we’re furthermore launching the By Vilain Dynamite Clay Restricted Edition. Estimable salubrious! And I would prefer to anguish your Rasmus! With a coiffure? Yeah! Let’s attain a hairstyling battle – and we’ll need your vote within the observation fragment down beneath, or within the poll up here. Rasmus, you managed to vogue […]

Back To School Hairstyles | Quiff & Pompadour Tutorial

Turning from a boy to a man can be an interesting experience, however, hairstyles can be timeless which is why hair care videos get so many views. If you want to stand out go for a long hairstyle, be a little different medium is for you, or just stay safe with a short hairstyle So […]