i’m no longer to pondering about my hair on the minute cherish the coloration no longer to pondering about the length eh closing time I had my hair slit aid changed into once possibly about a year to 2 years hmmm I don’t salvage my hair that straightforward to preserve watch over possibly reason I’ve […]

How to Style Short Punk Hair | Short Hairstyles

So I’m going to uncover you straightforward the vogue to realize roughly a instant punk rock online page. So we’re going to buy, her hair’s the truth is tender and natural, and we’re going to punk it up. We’re going to present it some peak. Some of the ideal ways that it’s possible you’ll presumably […]

Men’s Fashion | 90’s Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyle Tutorial

what’s up guys it’s Nico and today’s video I am doing a hair tutorial of yeah that’s right I hope you guys like the video and let’s get started in three two one you will need a hair paste it’s somewhat of a matte finish a heat protectant spray to protect your hair from the […]