David Beckham VS. Justin Bieber hair – Battle of the best men’s hairstyle

– Hello guys. I’m Rasmus and you’re staring at Slikhaar TV. I’m here with Ibrahim and André, and now we’re going to attenuate Ibrahim’s hair, so please take care of tuned! – Yes guys! Now the hairstyle is carried out. So Ibrahim, what enact you have faith you studied relating to the hairstyle? – I […]

Lucky Blue Smith – Men’s Hair – Best Hairstyling Videos On Youtube

Hola a todos. Gracias por ver SlikhaarTv. Hoy estoy con Ulises y Rasmus. Bienvenido Ulises. Muchas gracias Emil. ¿Que vas a hacer hoy? Hoy hare un peinado inspirado en Lucky Blue Smith. Es el famoso modelo ¿sabes? con el pelo rubio. Con el pelo rubio. Bueno, ¡hagámoslo! By Vilain Freestyler hace que parezca fácil obtener […]

Justin Bieber Hair Tutorial – Men’s Celebrity Hairstyle – By Vilain Gold Digger

– Howdy guys, you’re watching Slikhaar TV. We’ve Andreas on the studio, and he’s going to procure a haircut admire Justin Bieber. – Please search. – Perfect now I in actuality feel admire getting a haircut! It looks in actuality huge. Build you admire it Andreas? – Yes, I discover it irresistible. – I mediate […]

Hướng dẫn dùng Wax tạo mẫu tóc | Review By Vilain – SIlver Fox, Side Kick ( Eng Sub )

What’s up. My name is Cuong. As of late I’m about to show you guys guidelines on how to styling your hair and moreover I in actuality have a overview for this two products By Vilain – Facet Kick As you might well perhaps perhaps sight Right here’s the Pre-Styling product It’s draw you’ve to […]

Alexis Sánchez Hair – Professional hairstyling tips for men

– Thanks for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. This day we’ve our dwelling model Türker and our visitor hairdresser Ulises, from Copenhagen! – From Copenhagen! – And Türker, what hairstyle enact you wish on the present time? – I mediate it wants to be Alexis Sanchez’s. – That sounds awesome. Are you up for it? […]

Men’s Curly Top – Hairdresser / Barber skills

Le shampooing By Vilain Skyline Poke est un produit professionnel pour les cheveux avec vitamine E et menthol L’après-shampooing By Vilain Skyline Poke est un produit de soin capillaire professionnel pour homme, avec huiles d’avocat et d’abricot By Vilain Sidekick est un spray professionnel pré-coiffage avec protection thermique jusqu’aux 150ºC, et qui apporte tenue et […]

Great Hair Transformation ☆ Men’s Short Hairstyle ☆ By Slikhaar TV

Hi guys! Thanks for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. This day’s episode is going to be AMAZING! Woo! Practice us on SnapChat.

5 different looks in 1 haircut – Multi hair inspiration for men

Hello guys! I’m Rasmus, and I’m right here with Mikkel… … and Ulises! On the present time we’re going to manufacture some curly hair. – Are you up for it? – I’m up for making magic with the hands. So please preserve tuned!

Undercut like Toby Alderweireld – Men’s Hairstyling Video

– Hello guys! I’m Rasmus and I’ve Katerina and Magnus with a truly huge head of hair. So what are we going to develop on the present time? – This day we’re going to develop some magic with our fingers, and it’s a secret, so peek what we’ve bought for on the present time! – […]

Men’s Hairstyling Tips – 5 Min Hair Guide – Men’s Look

– Hi there guys, and welcome to Slikhaar TV. I’m Emil, and as of late I need to voice my styling secrets. So Katerina, you’ll decrease my hair on the perimeters, precise? – Certain, I am going to. We’ll trim it a chunk of bit, so it has the excellent shape for an unprecedented coiffure. […]