Short hairstyle on point – Styling tips by Rasmus Vilain

The miniature model is help! It became on the foundation launched final year (final summer) and it became easiest on hand for I believe it became about one to two weeks sooner than it offered out. So I’m if fact be told overjoyed to advise that we’re bringing help The Restricted! It’s in a original […]

Barber Skin Fade – World Cup Football player inspired razored lines

Thanks for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. Today time we’re in Farum. We’re visiting Ulises’ say of job. However this day we’ll be within the centre of the metropolis mall. Check it out! – Welcome to Farum! – What are we gonna originate this day? Today time we’re gonna originate a extraordinarily nice, summer season […]

How to create Fade pompadour style and Messy Quiff haircut

Hi there guys! Thank you for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. At the sleek time I’m here on the stage with Ulises and Jacob! So lately, guys, we’re gonna catch one haircut and two completely different hairstyles. And I heard Ulises speaking about making a pompadour… Yeah! … So, end tuned.

Fresh Hairstyle with Messy Fringe / Bangs for Men – Texture & Volume

Hi there guys! I’m Rasmus, and you’re staring at Slikhaar TV. I’m here with Victor and Katerina. So what are we as a lot as? – This day we’re going to kill a trashy fringe. Take care of tuned!

Emil’s Everyday Hair Styling Epic Routine – By Vilain Dynamite Clay

Hello guys! Thanks for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. Right this moment time’s episode will more than likely be about… … this magnificence! A fresh restricted edition. It’s the Dynamite Clay. Earlier than getting started, I’d devour to level out that pre-styling is terribly main. Some people employ a pre-styling spray and some employ a […]

Brad Pitt Hair from FURY – Professional Guide – Men’s Undercut

– Howdy guys. I’m Rasmus and I’ve Katerina with me at the studio. She’ll decrease Micky’s hair. What are you going to ticket? – I’ll make Brad Pitt’s coiffure from the Movie “Fury”, so discontinue tuned! – Certain guys! And here is Brad Pitt’s coiffure from the Movie “Fury”. So Micky, what ticket you middle […]

Messy Hair ★ Niall Horan inspired hairstyle ★ One Direction

Hi guys! Thanks for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. – On the present time I’m right here with my shrimp brother, Matthew! – Hiya guys! – How’re you doing? – I’m doing huge. Huge! He’s also continuously called DJ Vilain, and you’re doing a bunch of song for the channel. – Yeah, positively. And it’s […]

Men’s curly hairstyle – Scissor & Comb – Texture and Volume!

Now we’re accomplished with the haircut, so Mikkel, what function you suspect it? It’s truly kindly. Surely kindly. Appropriate job, man. Appropriate job. Thanks, thank you… I outmoded Sidekick to give more texture and get this sea scoot-peep on his hair; By Vilain Blow, to give matte form and get the hair peep thicker; and […]

How to maintain a hairstyle – Undercut and volume – Men’s hair inspiration by Slikhaar TV

Người dịch: Tùng Lâm Chào các bạn, rất vui được gặp lại các bạn. Hôm nay sẽ là: Tóc tôi. Nó sẽ được tỉa đôi chút, phải không Tina?? Và cả lông mày của cậu nữa! Vâng!! Và cả lông mày của tôi :)) Tôi sẽ chỉ các bạn cách để giữ construct một mái […]

Professional men’s hairstyling – Business casual – Short sides 4k hairstyle Slikhaar TV hairstyles

– Welcome to Slikhaar TV! – STOP! That’s my line, man! Hi there guys. Thank you for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. André will cut my hair this day. It’ll be mountainous glorious, as a result of I’ve a bunch of hair…!