i’m no longer to pondering about my hair on the minute cherish the coloration no longer to pondering about the length eh closing time I had my hair slit aid changed into once possibly about a year to 2 years hmmm I don’t salvage my hair that straightforward to preserve watch over possibly reason I’ve […]

How To Get A Kiera Knightly Red Carpet Hair Style: Hair With Hollie – S01E8/8

[Music] Hi and welcome back to Hair With Hollie, with me, Hollie. On the novel time we are going to be doing this smartly-behaved Keira Knightley updo. So it’s terribly romantic, quite gentle, nonetheless light, very red carpet and glamorous too. [Music] OK. We’re going to open with a deep adequate aspect parting. Brilliant utilizing […]

How To Cut 3 Mens Haircuts From GQ Magazine | Mens Haircut Tutorial | MATT BECK VLOG 62

since its topple what’s up guys welcome to today’s vlog today I’m actually excited to raise you this video because we’re gonna enact three males’s cuts in one video and the reason we’re going to enact that is since the total aspects the decrease on the perimeters is heavenly a lot the identical so we […]

Long Layered Mens Haircut Tutorial | Mens Hair growth Product Unboxing | MATT BECK VLOG 51

on this vlog we do a men’s cut and also that gets super excited about a new product guys welcome to the vlog today I’m gonna dedicate the entire vlog to men well kind of men I got this product from some friends from as energon so I’m gonna open it up use my head […]