Disconnected Undercut – Haircut and Style (Actual Haircut Footage)

Boys, teenagers and men all care about their hair, that’s why we find the best hairstyle videos for the world of males to enjoy. A buzz short haircut might be your thing or maybe medium length quiff and if that doesn’t suit you a long ponytail could be your perfect match. Male pattern baldness can […]

TOP 3 India Hairstyles | Men’s Hair Inspiration

YouTube has opened up average guys to the world of hair care, the place is full of top hairstyle videos which we search through daily. If you want a simple hairstyle its best to get a short style if you want to be changing it every few days we’d recommend you go for a long […]

Men’s Hairstyling Tips – 5 Min Hair Guide – Men’s Look

– Hi there guys, and welcome to Slikhaar TV. I’m Emil, and as of late I need to voice my styling secrets. So Katerina, you’ll decrease my hair on the perimeters, precise? – Certain, I am going to. We’ll trim it a chunk of bit, so it has the excellent shape for an unprecedented coiffure. […]

Undercut like Toby Alderweireld – Men’s Hairstyling Video

– Hello guys! I’m Rasmus and I’ve Katerina and Magnus with a truly huge head of hair. So what are we going to develop on the present time? – This day we’re going to develop some magic with our fingers, and it’s a secret, so peek what we’ve bought for on the present time! – […]

My 5 Minute Ponytail Routine

– Hey all people! Kayley here with my 5 minute ponytail routine. I’m gonna display you guys your whole methods that I utilize to kind my ponytail detect unbelievable in precisely 5 minutes. And you might perhaps utilize all of those methods or correct these sorts of methods reckoning on what you take care of […]

Alexis Sánchez Hair – Professional hairstyling tips for men

– Thanks for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. This day we’ve our dwelling model Türker and our visitor hairdresser Ulises, from Copenhagen! – From Copenhagen! – And Türker, what hairstyle enact you wish on the present time? – I mediate it wants to be Alexis Sanchez’s. – That sounds awesome. Are you up for it? […]

David Beckham VS. Justin Bieber hair – Battle of the best men’s hairstyle

– Hello guys. I’m Rasmus and you’re staring at Slikhaar TV. I’m here with Ibrahim and André, and now we’re going to attenuate Ibrahim’s hair, so please take care of tuned! – Yes guys! Now the hairstyle is carried out. So Ibrahim, what enact you have faith you studied relating to the hairstyle? – I […]

Disconnected Undercut – Men’s hair & styling Inspiration – 4k hairstyle

Teenagers can have some awful hairstyles, but with video guides, they can improve their overall haircare routine. It’s common for guys these days to go from having long hair to short or medium every few months so we have styles for everyone. If your hair is receding you can still achieve some great hairstyles, plus […]

Sergio Ramos Hairstyle – Men’s Hair Tutorial

Hello guys! I’m Rasmus, and I’m here with Türker and Katerina. On the present time we’re going to invent the Sergio Ramos’ coiffure. Are you having a peek up for it? – Türker… Are you having a peek up for it? – Sure, I’m. I do know you are! So end tuned and trouble the […]

HOW TO WAX ARMPITS // Youtube Tutorial // Cirepil Blue Wax

– Hi it’s April with Hair one zero one and this day I essentially enjoy a special visitor. It’s Ashley Costa from Dancing With The Stars. – That’s correct, hello you guys. – And she or he clearly is an unparalleled dancer so she has to enjoy dazzling pits. – So right here’s the ideally […]