Zayn Malik Haircut Tutorial | Men Hair Inspiration | SlikhaarTV

Hi there guys! I’m Rasmus and also you’re staring at SlikhaarTV. I’m right here with Arnau, my video guy, doing the total editing and on the present time he received me a field. Yes! He dare me to reduce his hair and if truth be told after 10years of doing hair cutting and styling movies, […]

Zayn Malik Signature Hair Tutorial | Mens Summer Hairstyle Inspiration 2017

A mai nap különleges mert itt van velünk George Egyenesen a BluMaan csapatból George sok éve a csapat tagja. Neki totálisan jó haja van Így vettem neki egy vonatjegyet Londonból Ide Manchesterbe Londonból Ide Manchesterbe így tudunk adni egy dózist hajstílus inspirációból Persze David Rozman által A nyár szívében vagyunk az az idő amikor a […]

Zayn Malik Hairstyles: From WORST to BEST | Mens Hair Advice 2018

Sometimes men find it hard to know how to style and look after their hair that’s why we always try and find the best hairstyle and haircare images. There will always be three main categories for men’s hairstyles short, medium and long and we will find the best styles for each of them. Some people […]

Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial | Fun, Edgy QUIFF

Men in the modern era are more groomed than ever before, YouTube videos have been a huge contribution to this. If you want a low maintenance haircut then a short style would work best for you, but if you’re into your haircare a long or medium style could work. There are so many different types […]