Drop Fade Sweep Back Hairstyle mit Haarsystem | Hair Transformation | Hairsystems Heydecke

Hello guys, my name is Andreas Heydecke from Heydecke TV and on the present time is Friday, Friday capacity a brand unique transformation. Avenue Type 2018 which is presented by
Cenntet: Cennet and a warmth welcome to Tom. Where are you from?
Tom: Aachen. Fantastic, guys, it is possible you’ll look other folks coming from Aachen. What number of kilometers from Aachen to Hamburg Tom? Tom: Around 500 km.
Andreas Heydecke: Oh my God, 500 km for contemporary hair, awesome. I don’t prefer to discuss lengthy, let me shock you. Cennet, I understand it is possible you’ll stop it. Have enjoyable, you two. Behold you Hi there guys, that’s no longer doable, what stop you verbalize? I am entirely flashed. Cennet, I will’t converse what you obtained out of right here. And Tom how stop you are feeling? Tom: In actuality basically happy, you did a superior job! Andreas Heydecke: You affirm me, Tom, is that what you had in mind? Tom: Not as appropriate it’s correct indescribably appropriate. Andreas Heydecke: And what does your lady friend verbalize?
Off: Thumbs Up! Andreas Heydecke: Tremendous. Fantastic guys, right here you look what it is possible you’ll stop. Tom comes from Aachen. I merely must impart sensational job, basically sensational. That’s the absolute top kick I look right here. These hair roots and this transformation from earlier than to after. Fantastic guys, if you really liked the video please proceed a esteem however don’t forget our assorted channels esteem instagram and fb. Must it is possible you’ll presumably capture to leer something assorted, you on no account seen earlier than correct proceed a statement below the video. I wish you a superior weekend. Bye, your Andreas Heydecke.

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