How to Cut Men’s Hair : Cutting Hair on the Top of the Head: Men’s Haircuts

The following phase of the haircut that I’ll be
doing is I’ll be slicing and connecting this high of the high to this facet of the high and
as I had isolated the parietal ridge it’s what I’m going to sever to now. I’m going to
spray some water and we’re going to initiate in the motivate of the high on ahead. For those that
can factor in an imaginary line that is creating a square from here to here. Isolate the hair,
bring it up to a forty-five degree perspective and it’s very visible. Sparkling there. What I will
be weeding out. This nook is my point connecting point A to point B. Straight out to you and
grab away that. Straight out. Make that square from here to here. That’s what we’re focusing
on. Creating the square lawful here. As I employ this that it is seemingly you’ll most certainly also behold this lawful here, I’m creating
a box that meets lawful here. As that it is seemingly you’ll most certainly also behold, I’ve removed the heaviness from across the
parietal ridge and I will continue to total that on the opposite facet of his head, and then we’ll
pause it off at the front. After I realized this methodology, when my trainer became telling
me that I became creating a box, I had a laborious time thought what that intended because
I also can no longer visualize the box on high of my client’s head, however I will let you know the precise
identical part. What we’re doing here is we’re creating a trustworthy keen box all around to salvage
a trustworthy blended haircut for this younger man. Raise it out to you, connect point A to point
B and take into accout to grab away that nook lawful there. Forty-five degrees, perspective your fingers
to connect point A to point B and test and behold the put the angles are at. Looks immense.
We’ll continue to plod on ahead.

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