How to Cut Men’s Hair : Using Number 2 Hair Clippers for Men’s Haircuts

My client has medium textured hair. It’s utterly
straight. And what I’ll be doing, is I’m going to be the employ of the clippers to present a fine
interesting line all across the occipital lobe, after which I’ll be taking my shears on the tip
and connecting those two together. I’m going to spray some water to construct up the consistency
of the hair fine and even. The most vital thing that I’ll manufacture, is I’m going to purchase my clippers
and I’m going to super up every little thing that seems heavy all across the aid of the prime.
I’m going to be the employ of the blade quantity two. Sideways, please. To continue to work on the aid of the ear,
I’m going to pull his ear forward so that I retain it protected from the blade. Proceed to work within the aid of the nape of
the prime. Forward, please. The place of the prime of my client determines how excessive
I are attempting to head reducing across the parietal ridge, which connects one facet of the prime on the
aid to the round and on the opposite. The occipital bone on the aid of the prime determines the place
I are attempting to purchase this preference of the blade to. Pull his ear to protect it free from the blade.

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