Hi everyone it’s April with Hair 101 and we
are going to realize one thing unusual and varied at the present time we’re going to buy a explore at the leopard print
i’ve under no circumstances done this sooner than so with rather of luck it of course works out i’m lawful doing it how I’d have
it i’ve under no circumstances considered anybody else have it so with rather of luck my diagram works
she has prolonged hair on this one aspect after which shorter on the varied aspect but we also non-public
this residue appropriate in right here that we’re coping with so we’re going to buy cherish a 2 and
a 1/2 scramble strip right here and i’m pondering it’s going to desire cherish an scramble to three/4ths of an
scramble or 1/2 an scramble to a pair fourths of an scramble huge that’s about an scramble lawful so it’s
thick ample that it’s probably you’ll almost definitely almost definitely’t explore thru it because I desire so as to be particular we
can explore the print tremendous and thick I don’t desire it to be explore thru and so this all needs
to be bleached out because we’re going to buy a explore at to kind this a caramel color after which
i’ll point to you the suitable formula to realize the print on high of it but her hair due to this limited layer
i’m pondering that I may perchance almost definitely also must buy a explore at and join it down to some extra fun print down
in this share in right here that’s already extra or much less caramel so this yeah right here’s my understanding let’s
explore if it of course works she has color in right here so I of course must make use of a bleach I mediate i’m going to
have the framesi decolor creme and almost definitely 30 volume almost definitely 40 because she says she pulls
of course orange so after which i’ll potentially must tone it so let’s mix that up I of course non-public this
limited share that I sure I mandatory blond and i’m going to buy it into smaller subsections
and lawful foil it with decreasing it’ll potentially need three slices and I desire to withhold it separated
so i’m going to withhold clipping off the unused portions so I do know the arrangement grand to realize and my foils
are rather of bit sad right here sorry they bought crumpled in the transfer and you must be particular you
gain it tremendous and tight to the scalp after which I desire to point to you guys these unusual fun spatula
brushes they’re known as sprushes I judge the sprush yeah and this is my first time
utilizing them but frigid understanding whoever made these and they despatched them to me to buy a explore at I will’t be conscious
potentially lawful the appropriate we’ll set a link under to the excellent folk that despatched
these and I will let what I mediate of them after which every time I’ve slices with
lightener I constantly fold it after which flip it support over after which repeat the underside query
it did fairly appropriate it bought under the hair i’m impressed I didn’t mediate it would i’m
going to lawful amble over it again and kind particular it’s tremendous and saturated you don’t desire
to put too grand on there the put it’s cherish spilling out so I sure to realize the 40 volume lawful
because she didn’t must non-public orange she wishes it lighter cherish a mild ashy caramel
I relate that’s no longer of course cherish she wishes a extra ashy tone for the lighter share appropriate
Desarae yes so we’re going to buy a explore at to gain it light after which tone it I extra or much less cherish these
spatulas because query how grand color i’m getting support out of the foil such as it’s probably you’ll almost definitely almost definitely extra or much less
amble over and pickle it down I mediate this would set me on color that’s tremendous so I did three
slices alright so now i’m lawful going to buy a explore at to transfer this residue out of the near
pulling up looks to be like cherish appropriate about there flip this out of the near so we can and this is
already light so I don’t must put 40 volume on this I’m going to wade thru a few pieces
and almost definitely lawful reduce out the the rest of the weaved it’s probably you’ll almost definitely almost definitely explore that and i’m going to withhold it
into the ends let’s explore almost definitely we can even woah static holy cow okay we determined to be
valiant and take a look at out this and set among the print down in right here too so you explore how it’s kind
of the light already combined with among the dark i’m lawful going to wade thru and take a look at out
to buy out rather of bit of the dark in the ends i’m going to utilize a special brush for
this one blusand magnificence despatched me these sprushes and i’m liking them they despatched me a full build
of them query how fascinating this limited one is i’m having fun with these it extra or much less feels cherish
i’m lawful playing painting or spreading frosting almost definitely that’s extra cherish what it’s okay let
explore so i don’t know why we’ve got so grand static there we amble so have you explore these brown dark
brown chunks i’m lawful going to drag those out and lighten lawful the ends I don’t of course
agonize in regards to the roots on this because it’s no longer going to point to when her hair is laying
down at it’s pure lay what is it I will’t even mediate when it’s styled you’re no longer even
going to query the roots i’m lawful doing the ends which will almost definitely be dark almost definitely we’ll have rather of
bit of ombre right here yeah we’ll have rather of bit of ombre right here i’m lawful going to buy a explore at to spoil
up this line between the two sections with rather of bit of ombre diagram so support combing
the hair lawful makes particular that the line of demarcation is softened and i’m lawful going
to extra or much less hand paint on the lightener the put it’s rather of bit darker use this littler
one which may perchance almost definitely also just restful be appropriate alright you guys she’s lawful going to activity till these foils non-public
lightened up let me test this one of course instant but okay so this is how we’re going
to realize it we’re going to mix up the color that we’ve got to non-public a dark brown after which a lighter
brown and the dark brown is going to be the limited c form and the lighter brown is going
to be the heart so I combined up a 2N in the redkin fusion with 10 volume after which a 6N
with rather of bit of 5 gold beige in it with 10 volume from the redkin fusion line and
now may perchance almost definitely be the fun share we’ve got to steal up the share so comb the hair out of course snug
after which you’re going to dart some tin foil under and this needs to conclude of course shut
to the scalp cherish this and it needs to educate the roll of the high in case you resolve it out when
you have this diagram then as rapidly as you lay the hair down the sample will gain messed
up so that you may perchance even just must kind particular it stays flat onto the high i’m lawful going to lengthen
this rather of bit by clipping these into the varied clips so now I of course non-public this working dwelling
and I don’t desire these ends to be intriguing spherical so what i’m going to realize is lawful buy rather of
bit of the ice spiker and i’m lawful going to buy it and paint it onto the very ends and
preserve this hair all collectively and snug lawful so it extra or much less stays down I don’t desire it to
descend over you don’t must put it too high up because it may perchance well almost definitely also preserve the color from grabbing
but I obtained’t have any print down right here anyway lawful don’t desire anything else to transfer intriguing is
atrocious so now that I of course non-public it secured it’s probably you’ll almost definitely almost definitely let that dry for a few minutes appropriate it’s no longer
intriguing after I attempted to transfer it that skill it’s working so right here’s the fun share this is
how we’re going to gain our leopard print we’re going to utilize celery and i’ve stumbled on that the
finest pieces of the celery the put they had been small ample and additional or much less extra spherical had been appropriate
at the coronary heart you’ll explore right here that’s a appropriate one so that one became as soon as appropriate after which also I did
some gash at an attitude so that they would be rather of bit thicker and the put’s any other one which I
extra or much less peeled at this is the one appropriate right here so I gash this one at an attitude and chipped
out lawful a few limited pieces lawful to present it some extra form with my fingernail so we’ll
explore how this one looks and so in case you dip them and lay them flat that you may perchance even just must dip
them you’ll dip them in the color that you of course desire and you’ll lay them flat in opposition to it and
gain your total color in there so we’re going to realize the dark first so you gain your limited
celery and let’s mix this up of course appropriate and this is the 2N so it’s nearly dark it’s dark
dip the celery in and i’m going to test it over right here and be particular it does the form
I desire almost definitely we’ll are trying this one first okay so we’re going to head over right here and steal a
build that’s going to be our first limited build of color
okay now we’re going to utilize have one extra down right here and you lawful must extra or much less eyeball
it and explore the put you desire your limited shapes alright so we’ll have any other one appropriate right here
it’s extra or much less lawful cherish stamping it on there after which so i’m altering up the celery slices
so that they extra or much less query varied varied angles are trying this one almost definitely appropriate right here that’ll
be fun let explore then i’m going to flip this one and additional or much less kind it hook spherical limited
bit cherish that there we amble celery who would non-public thought that’s excellent I desire a smaller
one appropriate there okay so now that we’ve got that done i’m going to buy this limited angled
brush so i’m going to buy this limited angled spatula that I bought and i’m lawful going to color
rather of bit of this lighter brown color be of course careful no longer to mix it in to the brown
or the dark too grand lawful smear it in rather of bit there lawful in the holes and I cherish this
limited pointy brush that I bought this is in general frigid I esteem this limited spatula brush
because i’m in a predicament to dig it down into the edge with lawful a little limited point let’s be particular
it’s getting in this looks to be like frigid appropriate oh it’s probably you’ll almost definitely almost definitely’t explore it you guys be conscious I mandatory to
have some under too this is also rather of bit advanced so mm almost definitely I must non-public done
the under first lesson discovered subsequent time so yeah it’ll be stunning if I lawful amble cherish that
because if it’s glued down it’s retaining it fairly snug it’s no longer even colored appropriate
there so we’re appropriate we can lawful proceed it appropriate right here okay so i’m going to utilize out this
color appropriate right here and have the comparable diagram that we did on the underside or on the high I
can’t even focus on anymore so set the foil in clip it in and we’re lawful going to non-public the
leopard print originate from appropriate right here the put it ends and lawful non-public it meet up alright you
guys she is going to be a leopard or cheetah or whatever what print is that this both i’m in a position to’t
picture the adaptation how have you picture the adaptation between a leopard and a cheetah I don’t know
but you guys will almost definitely be in a predicament to picture me in the feedback but we’re lawful going to let it activity
for half-hour after which she’s going to be rocking this leopard print coiffure and i’m
so aroused to query it when it’s done this became as soon as of course fun thanks for being so valiant no self-discipline
you’re excellent alright we’re rinsing this atrocious boy out and i’m making an are trying to utilize cold water
because then it obtained’t bleed nonetheless it’s no longer of course that light to bleed anyhow so alright we
are all done you guys shis became as soon as so fun cherish it lawful felt cherish painting a venture or one thing
this became as soon as excellent and I mediate i’m going to buy a explore at a purple one subsequent that may perchance almost definitely be of course fun
so this is our leopard print coiffure on my fascinating perfect friend Desarae and I hope you guys
cherish it let me know in case you guys are trying this and the arrangement it goes I of course am digging this I will’t
stop taking a explore at it query how fun flip your head rather of bit it goes your total near from
the roots this is so fun okay give me a thumbs up for creativity you guys and let me know
what you guys must query subsequent let me explore in case you guys are trying this let me explore the outcomes
please give me some pictures and let me know what you guys mediate this is in general fun I cherish
this under piece too down right here explore we’ve got rather of bit extra leopard some of it
will get hidden nonetheless it’s fun so you guys must subscribe to my channel kind particular
you amble test out Aprils existence and explore your total fun tutorials and videos we’ve been doing
on there as of late thank you so grand for staring at guys we’ll explore you subsequent time bye right here is the
framesi 30 or 20 volume and right here is the redken 20 volume and there’s of course no longer too grand
of a inequity right here this is the redken and this is the framesi i mediate they’re of course

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