How to Style Short Hair: Swept Back Pixie Cut

[MUSIC] Are seeking to fashion for hair that’s short
on dimension nevertheless colossal on perspective? Right here’s a strategy that can help. Originate by blow drying your hair the utilization of
a round brush to help form it. Commence to note sculpting wax
to sections of your hair. Use a flat iron to relaxed your
bangs abet and comb them into converse. Right here’s a wholesome hair tip. Apply warmth conserving products
to hair sooner than warmth styling to help decrease bother. Contact up with wax and
continue shaping the fashion. Have to you wish fairly more
high or lift within the abet, gently abet comb at the
crown and relaxed it out. To get a more textured look,
twist sections of your hair along with wax. Enact by generously
spraying hairspray all over, conserving apart sections
of the hair as you go. This is able to well merely help it attain
that pudgy, textured form. And voila! Your edgy, pixie fashion
is able to be confirmed off. Make sure you subscribe
to Pantene’s channel, and don’t forget to verify out
more of our hair the ultimate technique to’s.

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