Is Hanz De Fuko Any Good? | Mens Hair Budget Breakdown | BluMaan 2018

What’s up guys my title is Joe and
welcome to funds breakdown episode five is the conceal where we own a own a examine
in model haircare producers and peek for the money
are they honorable roughly honorable or no longer so honorable we’ve bought to play this with
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let’s ranking into it this week we’re specializing in Hanz de Fuko and it’s no
secret that hdf and that i own had somewhat of a rocky relationship ought to you don’t know
what I’m talking about you will also ascertain out the Hanz de Fuko fires shots video that
I made a pair months previously nonetheless what I’m getting at is I’m no longer gonna let any
deepest points ranking in the strategy of this video I’m the logo and
the products that they’ve and supplying you with guys my conception as standard I’ve bought
four hundred Foucault’s products to battle by so let’s proceed ahead and beginning so first
somewhat referring to the logo as a ways as I will expose hdf in actual fact began to amass off
spherical the time that i started my youtube channel assist in 2013 at that
time Hanz de Fuko became once the finest men’s haircare designate on youtube alongside
bible lane from slick hair TV and there’s moral an complete lot youtubers who talks
about them and in most cases they built up a stable presence on YouTube I remember
being drawn to what Hanz de Fuko represented which became once individuality and
taking fine thing about what you will own got being the finest version of yourself in general
which is something that I strongly tag on their about Us page they negate to
own a keenness for inventive individualism self-expression and
self-care I remember assist in the day honza Foucault and thinking
you know what I judge this is a groovy brochure at the core they promote hair
products nonetheless ought to you proceed beyond surface level I in actual fact connected with what they
stood for as a firm and I judge it’s this roughly messaging that replacement us
guys can deliver to that did support the logo to prevail now getting more
particular with the products every product tag $19.50 and likewise you’ll be getting two
ounces of product remember a funds breakdown isn’t moral about finding the
cheapest products nonetheless somewhat comparing the associated price to the efficiency every jar
is available in frosted plastic jars with simple steel tops there’s no coloring on
the packaging and any coloration that you peek comes from the product within the jar
very simple branding nonetheless it looks honorable it moral looks natty I’ve bought a pair
jars right here which own fancy their veteran font logo on it and then this is the more
up as much as now one moral somewhat you know even cleaner peaceable nonetheless with that stated let’s
ranking into the product beginning out for sure with claymation claymation became once
the very first product that I primitive on this channel and in actuality it became once the very
first video that I ever uploaded to this channel that became once about four years previously
and likewise you comprehend it’s been a solid product it’s held up neatly it claims to be a
gargantuan excessive protect and a matte elevate out and I don’t wish to utilize too worthy time
on epic of I’ve talked about claymation rather somewhat nonetheless moral to give it to you
straight claymation is simplest for a thick ugly or
unruly hair in general hair that requires a heavy product to keep that dense
complete breaking it down and applying it’s somewhat thick nonetheless it’s a ways expected ought to you
own thicker hair you shouldn’t fight too worthy with this nonetheless if your hair’s on
the more thinner aspect it’s potentially no longer the product for you the tip end result honorable
stuff for thick hair it’s a passe clay so it falls in
the same class as fancy cavalier clay to illustrate it’s a straightforward product nonetheless
for thick hair to me it does the trick subsequent up we’ve bought hybridized wax which
which is roughly an it’s an inviting product to negate keep in mind it claims to be a
medium protect with a satin shine now I’m no longer obvious exactly what which technique nonetheless I’m
gonna wager colorful it’s roughly it’s somewhat of a colorful shine now I’m no longer obvious
exactly what this product is supposed for on epic of to me this doesn’t own
ample gap to be primitive by itself and ought to you utilize too worthy your hair is gonna turn
greasy actual rapid it has an unparalleled texture to it fancy it you comprehend it’s easy to
scoop out nonetheless it would’t be described as creamy it’s more fancy roughly an elastic
feeling breaking down and applying though gargantuan easy so I’m applying this
on top of Cavaliere on epic of the finest technique that I ranking a actual-life utilize out of this
product is that if I’m making an try to dispute somewhat more of a healthy shine to my carried out
model ought to you elevate out own in actual fact dry hair or you merely wish to add somewhat of shine
you will also coat your elevate out model with moral a puny bit of these items to assign
these results nonetheless in actual fact in my opinion I wouldn’t be reaching for hybridized wax
all that steadily difficult on we’ve bought quicksand which claims to be a excessive protect
dry matte carried out product dry matte dry now quicksand is without danger one of many
most strange products that I’ve ever put it to use’s a somewhat polarizing fabricated from us
seem to both in actual fact fancy it or in actual fact don’t fancy it and in my opinion I don’t
in actual fact fancy this product as a it’s no longer a finishing product in my
conception nonetheless there’s peaceable many methods to ranking some big results out of these items
now it says it has a dry matte elevate out and this is without danger moral it’s a it’s
a in actual fact dry prom nonetheless it’s animated on epic of scooping it out it’s very creamy
and roughly wet feeling it’s a gentle breakdown nonetheless it has somewhat of a gritty
sandy feeling at the same time and after a multiplying it leaves your hands
somewhat colorful and that’s moral animated on epic of it’s and not using a doubt no longer a colorful
product at inquisitive about me this is an excellent 2nd day pre styler and that’s about
the finest utilize that I in actual fact own for quicksand for my hair time to illustrate I’m
applying it to damp hair after I’ve rinsed out claymation and B hybridized
wax so we’re in actual fact I needs to be left with a greasy type up nonetheless after
blow-drying my hair feels fancy it has zero type-up and nil Shine in any procedure
and that’s all all of the model down to quicksand nice looking out that oil and leaving it
feeling in actual fact matte and dry I judge the finest described quicksand it’s fancy a
gross between a dry shampoo and a sea salt spray and in the waste we’ve bought
modified pomade which claims to be a medium protect and own a excessive shine
modified pomade became once the fundamental pomade I tried that will be considered an
unorthodoxed water-primarily based fully pomade which technique that it isn’t oil-primarily based fully nonetheless it also
doesn’t harden up the least bit fancy an recurring gel pomade would it has an inviting
orange coloration and a mild-weight peachy smell also whenever you smash it down it turns to
a solid white coloration which to me is moral roughly a groovy response applying is
somewhat easy and gentle it would be you know somewhat more Tuggy than some nonetheless no longer
substandard at inquisitive about a pomade and the tip end result I elevate out ranking a honorable amount of shine and it
stays restyle full so it doesn’t harden on my most up-to-date hairs dimension isn’t the
simplest to conceal a slick you know a slick hair model nonetheless I’m moral making an try my
simplest with what I’ve bought nonetheless I remember when I’ve primitive these items rather
a protracted time previously when I when I had longer hair and the protect became once somewhat honorable for
fancy the fundamental hour sooner than it began to become roughly soft feeling and giving
away you know that protect started lessening to bed I remember peaceable
playing this product for you know a more free look nonetheless it and not using a doubt
doesn’t prolong the factors of unorthodox water-primarily based fully comics that we’ve
viewed this day ought to you’re buying for something to protect your hair assist nonetheless
own a more relaxed look this may perhaps well perhaps perhaps perhaps work nonetheless ought to you favor to own a natty traditional crisp
hair model I don’t judge this
that’ll final you all day so that you can elevate out is Hanz de Fuko honorable roughly honorable or no longer
so honorable honorable yeah I’d tell I’d tell somewhat honorable you
know its bordering somewhere between honorable and roughly honorable it’s it’s better
than roughly honorable I don’t know if it’s that the finest as as honorable would be that
assign sense nonetheless the Hanz de Fuko range of products has held out in actual fact neatly over
the past couple of years they’ve bought some in actual fact strange formula fancy that
modified pomade mmm fancy quicksand helps to add to that general personality of the
designate and a few classics some requirements equivalent to claymation which sooner than having
cavalier clay became once a it became once a staple product in my class obviously I’m no longer a
substantial fan of the complete bashing youtuber plug that they’d a pair months previously
nonetheless you know that aside they’ve bought some somewhat honorable stuff with that stated guys
this concludes funds breakdown episode 5 thumbs up button ought to you enjoyed
subscribe button ought to you favor to own to peek more and I’ll be seeing each person subsequent time

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