Quick hair fashion battle – E. Vilain vs. R. Vilain – How to style short & medium long hair

You’ve perchance guessed: we’re furthermore launching
the By Vilain Dynamite Clay Restricted Edition. Estimable salubrious! And I would prefer to anguish your Rasmus! With a coiffure? Yeah! Let’s attain a hairstyling battle – and
we’ll need your vote within the observation fragment down beneath, or within the poll up here. Rasmus, you managed to vogue your hair in a couple of minute. Genuinely I purchased to provide two produce two various hairstyles! Ah…! That’s amazing!
I finest bought one, nonetheless for the first phase of the hairstyling I didn’t have any replicate.
It used to be finest once I switched to this set. At least, we’d love you guys to vote
which one you might perchance presumably presumably wear!

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